Booking an appointment at anti-smoking clinics is done in complete privacy

Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — Saudi Arabia’s Health Ministry (MoH) has confirmed that booking an appointment at the anti-smoking clinics are being done in complete privacy.

The Ministry has revealed, through an awareness video that it published on its Twitter account, the methods of reserving an appointment for the anti-smoking clinics online via Sehhaty app.

The steps require the applicants to enter the Sehhaty app, then choose the new appointments icon where they can select an appropriate remote virtual appointment for them and to choose a remote anti-smoking clinic.

Applicants will then be able to choose the location, date and the appointment time in the health facility and also the doctor, after which they will be asked to write a reason for the appointment.

After completing all the procedures, the applicants will receive a message confirming the booking.

It is noteworthy that MoH had earlier launched a new initiative urging smokers to quit smoking, through the Live Well accounts, which is an official platform for health awareness in the Ministry.

The initiative offers several ways that facilitate smokers to quit smoking through visiting the anti-smoking clinics, whether in person or remotely. The appointments can be done via Sehhaty app or via calling the following number: 937.

The initiative addresses several topics related to smoking, such as: introducing the tobacco products and their origin, the short-term effects of smoking on men’s and women’s health, and withdrawal symptoms.

This is in addition to the ways to help people quit smoking, which also include the electronic cigarette, known as vape.

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